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Biking is not only for adults, it’s for children too. As soon as your toddler begins to walk, he or she can definitely begin to ride a Strider Balance Bike. While most children bikes today are built with pedals, the new Strider is created with a No-Pedal assembly. The Strider bikes are created to benefit toddlers as they learn the concept of balance and coordination while enjoying their riding experience. Since the Strider Bikes were created to be extra-short, the toddler is safe enough to ride around using his feet to stop the bike.

Strider Running Bikes

The Strider is a toddler bike that was designed without brakes or pedals. Our research has shown that by learning how-to-ride on a Strider bike, the toddler is taught how to take control over the bike while allowing him to practice his/her balance. As an added benefit the Strider is also a means for toddlers to develop their motor skills. This is due to the toddlers using their reflexes to stop the bike when needed. Ultimately, coordination is enhanced. The Strider is characterized as a balance bike, which serve as a helpful tool to prepare the toddler’s biking skills until he or she can use a full-size bike when they grow up. As compared to the traditional bicycle the Strider is a better alternative because the toddler can learn quickly how-to-ride and avoid injuries associated with riding traditional bicycles.

How to Ride without Training Wheels

Teaching your child to ride a full-size bike is a difficult task, and it can even lead to accidents. In order to avoid accidents, it is best to get a Strider for your child to learn the principles of biking slowly, surely and safely. We are sure you will agree that as a parent, peace of mind is important. Get your child a Strider Balance Bike today!
As you visit our site, you will find a variety of Strider bikes that come in various colors and brands. 

As you are aware children are fascinated with the sensation of being moved by wheels. For parents the Strider is an exciting gift idea that will surely make your child ride with joy. Because of the size of the Strider balance bike and convenience to deploy the Strider bike it can be used in any space whether indoor or outdoor. Additionally, to increase your child’s safe riding experience, you can also purchase safety accessories from our site such as helmets and pads.

Strider Sports Activities

When your toddler is comfortable riding on the Strider, which should be very quickly, we recommend letting your child engage into our Strider Sports activities where they can mingle and enjoy the company of other toddlers. Just visit us at the Orange County Market Place to join in on the activities. This is another venue for the children to develop their social skills and at the same time overcome their shyness and ride with kids their age.

On our site, you can check out a wide array of Strider balance bike products of various colors and brands, one of which is the brand new Strider super 16. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, the SUPER 16 is the ultimate bike for those young riders who are ready to venture off trail or perform tricks and stunts that a heavier, more complicated pedal bike won’t allow them to do. This same, simple, lightweight, no-pedal design also makes it the perfect starter bike for older kids who don’t yet know how to ride on two wheels.

We have found parents are delighted to know that the Strider product line has affordable prices that range from $99 and up. Join our kids club and could receive discounts and important updates on Strider products. Just fill out the contact us form on our homepage and we will add you to our Kids Club. Thank you!

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